It's no secret that bonuses and promotions are very popular at online casinos. It has become one of the main ways to attract new players. This means that there are very great opportunities to take advantage of current offers.

The unique advantage of an online casino is that you can access it at any time. As soon as you feel like challenging yourself and fate, it's all a click away. But it's not always easy to find the best new casinos available. Luckily, we've made sure to review the offerings to make sure you get the right and relevant choices.

If you're looking for quality sites that offer the best the casino industry has to offer, we've taken care to compile the entire range and then weed out the scammers. We strive to provide helpful lists and reviews of the best new casinos of 2022. With in-depth reviews, we make sure you get exactly the information you need to make your gambling experience the best it can be lucky winners. You can start playing right now by going to gratis casino

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Are Swedish casinos safe?

Lately, more and more people are realizing that there are a lot of scammers out there. If you gamble with unsafe sites, you run a high risk of both getting caught in unfair conditions and getting rid of your money. According to the Swedish Lottery Inspectorate, a safe online experience is what Swedes value most when it comes to casinos. Therefore, we have decided to recommend only casinos that meet our safety criteria. This means that all Swedish casinos on our site are guaranteed to be mathematically fair, maintain high security standards and have serious conditions. By manually weeding out unscrupulous players, we ensure you have the right conditions for a safe gaming experience. 


Game information and guides - "Looking through the entire assortment."

It's no secret that the casino industry has sprawled. This is no less noticeable, as all casinos now have a wide range of games. In most cases, you can play everything from slot machines to table games to bingo in one place. By exploring the entire assortment, we guarantee that you will be able to find exactly the type of game you like best. If you're a beginner, this gives you a great opportunity to focus on casinos that have a wide selection of simple slot machines. The same goes for you who are a seasoned player and are looking for more challenges.

By constantly adding new information, we keep up with the ever-changing casino industry. Read next article, if you want to get know about advantages of mobile casino.