You have an important event, and your best trousers did not have time to dry? You spied with water visiting friends, and you need to quickly dry clothes? How do you do it? There are several proven and tested ways to combat wet or non-hot trousers. Check them and act immediately!

Among the many tips and ideas by solving this burning problem, those who work faster than everything are selected, but when they are fulfilled, you need to be very careful! Fast drying of trousers require immediate attention and vigilance! So how to quickly dry pants?

The first method is an indispensable iron
Install the iron at the highest temperature, and then be prepared by a few minutes of intensive ironing. The hot temperature of a good iron is simply evaporated water that has impregnated pants. But be careful: do not hold the iron in one place! You have to constantly move it so that the pants are not burning!

Second way - oven
This option really works, but it's very easy to crash and burn pants! Therefore, before putting them in the oven, do not forget to constantly stand in the oven and pay attention to all attention. You can not keep wet pants in the oven for more than five minutes!

Third way - dryers in hand!
Very effectively, but requires a little longer. Here you can use one dryer and, releasing hot air onto the trousers, turn them from time to time, drying both wet sides. Alternatively, you can take two dryers and intersect their air among themselves so that it is faster to reach the deepest corners of your wet trousers. Important: Do not keep the dryer too close! Hot temperature is harmful to your trousers, and you, of course, would not like to burn them.

Fourth way - microwave?
Yes, yes, you did not hear! You can try to dry wet clothes in a microwave, but consider: Contrary to numerous advice on the Internet, do not put in the microwave wet trousers made of tight fabric, as it can end well! The only thing you can try is items that do not contain plastic or metal parts - for example, pants usually have buttons, a plastic cord finish or metal spikes, so do not risk in this case! Free sports suits, underwear - it can all be, but nothing that contains metal or plastic!

If you have the opportunity to use three methods, it is definitely better to choose one of them than the microwave oven. Best legitimate Russian dating websites on with real reviews.