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Since the first ever Mycotoxin Adsorbent (MA) research was done in 1987 by Dr Timothy Phillips, one of the main objectives has been to be able to make the claim of MA in the USA. Until now MA's have been sold in the USA but as anti-caking agents (clays) or as feed supplements (yeast, bacteria, enzymes) or their combinations. Read more..


We at Special Nutrients strive to supply the information that our Distributors and customers have come to expect. As a leader in the Mycotoxin Industry with over 32 years of experience we again bring to you independently sourced and confirmed information. This information is both educational and insightful and gives you another opportunity to discuss the issues that the industry is facing. Armed with this information it will allow you to evaluate the potential risk and how Mycoad and Mycoad AZ can combat the serious effects of these high levels of Mycotoxins which are prevalent in this year’s crops. The Link below will take you to a report that was compiled from all the weekly reports of crops in the USA for 2013. Neogen independently confirms this information from samples received and analysis that they conduct in the field. Read more...



aflatoxin fumonisin ochratoxin t2 vomitoxin zearalenone